Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute

About Us

Leading the Way in Ophthalmology

Welcome to Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute. We are a centre devoted exclusively to Ophthalmology, with more than 70 people working at the clinic, in a modern facility and equipped with the latest technology. We are the only centre in Cyprus offering a range of specialist operations through GESY, such as retinal detachments, corneal transplants, glaucoma lasers and repair of complicated cataract operations. More than 80,000 new patients were examined at the clinic since it opened. There are two state of the art Ophthalmology theatres fully equipped with the latest technology only available at Ophthalmos in Cyprus and able to provide general anaesthesia for patients who need it.

Through our dedicated team of specialist surgeons, nurses, optometrists, orthoptists, technicians, researches and other staff, we are committed to excellence in healthcare, research and medical education by alleviating human suffering from eye diseases.
Our research is driven by a desire and mission to find cures for blindness through discovery and innovations. We have discovered a ground-breaking patented therapy for the first cause of blindness that enables us to change how the world sees.