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Head of the optometry department

Alex has worked in all sections of Optometry in the UK since he qualified from City University, London, 15 years ago.

In the contact lens department of Moorfields Eye Hospital he was fitting specializing contact lenses including keratoconics.

Later on he worked in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Glaucoma clinic and the Low Vision Aids Clinic prescribing low vision devices.

In Whittingthon Hospital he worked in the refraction clinic gaining experience on children’s eye examinations.

In private practice he performed over 50000 refractions and became one of the first optometrists to join the Diabetic and Cataract shared schemes.

For the past eight years he worked for the longest established Laser Eye Clinic where he gained invaluable experience in all aspects of pre and post laser and cataract treatment and became optometrist of the year for five years.