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Augusta Mesaritis

B.Sc Business Administration and Economics with Major in Human Resources Management, P.G. Diploma in Human Resources Management And Training, S.N.H.S. Dip. (Advanced Life Coaching)

Augusta Mesaritis is from Nicosia. She holds a Postgraduate in Human Resource Management and Training and has been a member of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association since 2003, actively involved in human capital development.

She is characterized by her passion for communication and the development of people. The desire to apply all the best practices that define a professional in the field of Human Resources makes her motivated to create from the beginning the solid foundation that will make the organization or the establishment thrive.

She has a strong academic background in Human Resource Management and Training. She has studied in the United States of America and the United Kingdom and since then, she has kept up with the innovations in the field. As she participates and pursues the development of human capital, having strong communication skills, Augusta inspires confidence and demonstrates a mindset of all the best practices that define a professional in the field of Human Resources, as well as important skills in employment law. She is very tech-savvy and has the ability to motivate as well as contribute positively to a team.

An individual who is willing to provide services to a team, improve teamwork and communication, and build an HR department or build a solid foundation according to the goals the organization wants to achieve in the long term. She is a Leader with empathy. People skills, administrative and organizational skills, time management, communication, and Human Capital development skills are features that are strongly present. Augusta is a motivated person for personal development, she is ambitious, and highly organized and known for her willingness to follow modern trends in any subject she undertakes in Human Resource Management and Human Capital development. She is a person who has great interpersonal skills and conveys positivity and assurance to others. She can build strong and healthy working relationships. Augusta is organized and she aims to achieve the maximum objective, keeping in mind the success of the organization or institution that hires her.