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Eye Cataract - The Technology in Our Hands

The Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute is one of the most advanced center for cataract surgery in Cyprus. At the Ophthalmos Institute for Advanced Cataract Surgery, our specialty trained physicians and state-of-the-art clinical and surgical facilities are focused exclusively on the health of your eyes, because we believe that restoring or improving sight through cataract surgery can make a significant difference in people’s lives.

The Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute has the technology for Small Incision Cataract procedure (1.8mm). Though more than 3 million Europeans undergo cataract surgery each year with extremely high success rates in restoring vision (one of the highest success rates of any type of surgery), choosing the right cataract surgeon is still a significant decision. Knowledge, experience, and success are three vital factors in choosing a surgeon.

Dr Tassos Georgiou is the Head of the surgical team, who offer the Small Incision Eye Cataract procedure of 1.8mm. They perform more than 60 cataracts per week and more than 95% of their cases are completed within 5 minutes.

Small Incision Cataract surgery procedure has many advantages:

  1. Allows an incision into the cornea smaller than 1.8mm
  2. Provides the least surgical trauma to the eye, resulting in faster healing
  3. Minimises the possibility of the appearance of post operative astigmatism
  4. Allows the insertion of the new generation of small incision intraocular lens for a better quality of vision.
  5. Provides a safer surgical procedure due to the small size of the instruments.

Cataract is the natural lens of the eye which has become blurred. The vision becomes blurred as the light that passes through the eye is reduced and cannot reach the back of the eye. It can develop at any age, but usually appears in older people. It can also be caused by trauma, various medications, chronic inflammation or other diseases such as Diabetes.

Dr Tassos Georgiou and his team, use the new technology with the 1.8mm incision. Through this incision the cataract is removed. A permanent intraocular lens replaces the natural lens that has been removed. There is no need for stitches in the small incision method as it heals on its own. The operation is done with topical anaesthetic drops.

After the operation the patient begins to see slowly and soon returns to a normal life due to the swift recovery. Swimming and washing of hair is avoided for 2 days.

We use the most advanced implants, aspheric monofocal implants which can go through 1.8mm incision and provide high quality of vision.

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