Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute

About Us

Location and Facilities
Location of Clinic:
The Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute is situated in Makedonitissa, a prominent area in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. It occupies a strategic position along a significant thoroughfare, adjacent to notable landmarks such as the Institute of Genetics and Neurology and the University of Nicosia. The institute’s architecturally distinctive building, designed by Fereos, has established itself as a landmark, offering a unique identity and serving as a point of reference in the area.
Building and Facilities:
  • New Modern Building: Spanning an area of 2500 square meters.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Equipped with the latest diagnostic scans, optometry, and orthoptics technology.
  • Advanced Operating Theatres: Featuring cutting-edge technology in two operating theatres.
  • Research Department: Dedicated facilities for ongoing research initiatives.
  • Comfortable Waiting Areas: Designed to provide comfort for patients and their families.
  • Modern Cafeteria: Offering complimentary beverages.
  • Free Internet Access: Available for visitors.
  • Visitor’s Parking: Free parking facilities for added convenience.
These facilities ensure that patients receive care in a modern, well-equipped environment that prioritizes both comfort and technological excellence.