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Cornea disease and refractive surgery specialist, Dr. Tassos Georgiou, MBChB, MRCOphtha, (England) of Ophthalmos Research & Educational Institute performed the first two ever laser-based cornea transplants in Cyprus on October 4, 2007.


Keratoconus is a condition of the cornea when it forms a cone. This cone develops as the corneal layer thins. During the development of keratoconus, the patient begins to gradually loose the quality of vision. There are some cases where the loss of visual quality is advanced. The main reason is due to the patients delay in visiting a specialist ophthalmologist for timely treatment of the problem.


A pterygium is a fleshy growth on the conjunctiva, the membrane that covers the white or sclera part of the eye. It forms usually in the corner of the eye close to the nose and grows towards the pupil. Normally it grows slowly and if not treated it eventually may cover the pupil, hindering vision.

Cornea diagnosis

The Spectralis anterior segment module captures simultaneous OCT and infrared scan providing a detail 3-dimentional view of the anterior chamber. [more]

Spectralis HRA + OCT