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Ioanna Arcadiou

Orthoptist BSc (Hons) Orthoptics

Ioanna Arcadiou studied at the University of Liverpool, England where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Orthoptics (with Honours).


As an Orthoptist she is adept in performing a range of investigative tests to accurately diagnose and treat ophthalmic conditions associated with visual development and ocular motility. She has a special interest in paediatric visual development and strabismus and thyroid eye disease.


Ioanna also has a diploma in Vision Therapy by Hadassah Academic College, specialising in accommodative, convergence, developmental eye movement & visual processing disorders.


Her career highlights include being a keynote speaker in International Orthoptic and Optometric webinars, presenting about the surgical management of infantile esotropia and the history and recent trends of amblyopia management. Additionally, she is the training manager of Vision Science Academy in Cyprus and is involved in conducting educational courses provided by the organisation on Orthoptics and Vision Therapy.