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Panagiotis Kolovos

Research Department

Is a Food Biochemist (MSc) and he is highly skilled in specialized laboratory techniques such as PCR, HPLC,UV-vis and Gas Chromatography. At the Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute he has been the lead chemist for the analysis of fatty acids using Gas Chromatography equipment. In liaison with centres in the US and Greece he has contributed in improving the novel therapeutic treatment for eye pathologies.

Panagiotis is also involved in the preclinical and clinical studies at the Institute.

A multi-centre clinical study at Italy and France (MADEOS). Since then, he designed and participated in clinical studies.

At the Zone Diagnostics laboratories in Boston, Massachusetts, he was trained to use Gas Chromatography equipment for the blood analysis and interpretation of essential fatty acids. He has been attending various national and international research ophthalmology conferences where he has been presenting his work. Panagiotis is an active member of the research and audit department at Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute since 2013.