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The cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at the Ophthalmos Eye and Laser Centre. You will be able to go home after the cataract surgery, but you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home and bring you back the next day for a follow-up visit.

Prior to your Cataract Surgery Day

Make transportation arrangements. You should not drive yourself home after surgery.

You will need someone to bring you to your post-operative visit. At your post-operative exam, your doctor will let you know when you are able to drive.

We do all we can to accommodate your schedule when you must travel a great distance to have your surgery by Dr Tasos Georgiou at the Ophthalmos Eye and Laser Centre.

You will be contacted by a nurse from the Ophthalmos Eye and Laser Centre for further instructions.

The Day of Cataract Surgery

Refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or after-shave on your surgery date. Do not use any hair products that contain alcohol such as hair spray or mousse.

Do not wear make-up. Wash your face again with soap and water.

Make sure to take all of your usual medications before coming to the Ophthalmos Eye and Laser Centre.


Sometimes general anesthesia is recommended: if you are frightened and don’t wish to stay awake during the procedure; or if you have severe claustrophobia and cannot tolerate having your face covered during surgery. Children always need to have general anesthesia.
The pupil should be dilated before surgery. Place one dilating drop into the eye to be operated on every 30 minutes, totally 3 times, starting 2 hours before you come to the clinic

After Cataract Surgery

Post-Operative Medication: After cataract surgery you should use drops as directed by the doctor.

Post-Operative Symptoms: You may have a scratchy or funny feeling like something is in your eye after surgery. Also, many people notice a pink or red glow following surgery. These experiences are normal and expected. If you have severe pain that is not relieved by pain medication you should call the doctor’s office. If you have severe pain, sudden change in vision, or need explanations, call any time day or night.

Many people need a change in their eyeglass prescription following cataract surgery. Some will only need glasses for reading, and some may find they need glasses only rarely or not at all (especially with accommodating lenses).

You should expect to visit the doctor’s office on the day after your surgery and again one week after your surgery. Of course, individual differences in healing may mean changes in this schedule. The doctor should examine you the next day.

Avoid swimming and shampooing hair for 2 days.

One week after surgery your doctor will tell you the situation of your vision and whether you are allowed to drive.