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Prevention is the best treatment

Glaucoma by rule is an asymptomatic disease. Unfortunately when the first symptoms appear the damage is severe and irreversible. Patients with glaucoma do not realise the presence of the disease as they have no symptoms, with the exception of acute glaucoma. Prevention is of upmost importance as late diagnosis and treatment leads to blindness.

Early diagnosis of glaucoma to prevent the damaging complications in the future, especially for those in high risk groups, can be achieved through an ophthalmic examination once a year after the are of 35 – 40. Screening is a preventative quick and inexpensive examination to distinguish which individuals have primary or suspect changes and need further investigation.

Glaucoma diagnosis
When applying the technology to glaucoma (HRT) it takes 3-dimentional tomography images of the optic nerve and RNFL retina layers aligns the images and computes a 3-dimentional topography map of the surface of the retina.

The HEP perimetry data can directly link to HRT optic disk analysis and together with fovea thickness can combine structure function analysis.

This is the most advance technology of glaucoma analysis. [more]