Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute

Publication ‘Neuroprotective effects of Omega 3 fatty acids in a rat model of anterior ischemic optic neuropathy’

Ophthalmos Research team in collaboration with the research team of Professor Tsai from Tzui Chi University, Taiwan have demonstrated for the first time that omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have neuroprotective effects on ischemic optic neuropathies.

‘This is of clinical significance as there is no treatment for ischemic optic neuropathies’ said Dr Tassos Georgiou the head of the research department at Ophthalmos Institute. ‘ Our findings not only show promising therapeutic potential for neuroprotection of ischemic optic neuropathies but also for other conditions of optic nerve damage such as glaucoma which is the second cause of blindness. The dose is individualized for each patient and depends on the blood ratio of AA/EPA’

The potential impact of this study is highly significant. It will result in greater visual acuity and better quality of life in patients suffering from optic neuropathies.

Link here to read the publication