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Testimonials for the patented therapy of Ophthalmos Institute

I am 25 and was diagnosed with stargardts when I was 18! but I had changing from 9 years and Doctor tell to my mother that I pretend because I don’t want to go to school! In that time my family has no money to bring me to the good clinic and check my vision! So from 9 to 18 years I did nothing to help to my eyes! when I was 18 I start do injection around my eyes every six month! but I start to lose my vision very fast!

One year ago I found out that Cyprus has one doctor which find some treatment! To be honest,I was not sure that it’s possible but I desire not to lose this chance!

When I went there my vision was around 10% for the each eye! I start to get my treatment and today I can see around 60% with both eyes! (I start with the same vision on the both eyes but one of them going better than other one) also I have myopia and astigmatism and they fix me two weeks ago with laser! and I still get my treatments and slowly going better! doctor told me that he can’t make me to 100% but people with same problem me knows how important every 1% of their vision!

I don’t promote that clinic! I just want to help to the people who lose the hope! I don’t know if they can help you ,but I will be very happy if my experience will help you to change your life! I send there already two people from my country and I’m very glad to hear thank from them! if you have some questions I will be happy to answer (facebook)!

Inga Krasnikova

…When I went there my vision was around 10% for the each eye! I start to get my treatment and today I can see around 60% with both eyes!...

“God bless you. Doctor, please help the world who has vision problems to see again. As you did with us. We thank you!”
E.I., 85 years old


“Could not get out of my house. Now I drive forklift!!”
Stargard’s disease / Panayiotis, 43 years old


“Omega3 improved my vision and more! Pain in the joints became past.”
G.M., 42 years old


“I was a cycling champion. I had to stop because the problem in my eyes was now dangerous. My doctor gave me the treatment and after a while I started cycling. Thank you for changing my life!!”
X.C. , 44 years old


“Do you know what it means your vision being reduced and you can not do something to stop it? I trusted the doctor’s treatment and it was what I did best for me. My vision is better than ever !!”
N.L. , 65 years old


“I am very happy!! I am only 29 years old and my vision is steady 100% after the daily use of omega3.”
G.G. 29 years old


“I feel fantastic. Thanks doctor for your O3.”
U.N. 55 years old


“Unfortunately, I lost sight of the right eye after an accident. My biggest fear is that something happens to left eye. From the time my doctor gives me O3, my vision did not stay fixed, but it improved to 100%. I live alone and I do not need help; instead, I help my children, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren.”
H.Α. 89 years old


“I’m glad there is the doctor’s treatment. I wish there are people like him to give us years to live. Without vision I do not know how I would be.”
H. M. 77 years old


“Confidence. I feel more confident than ever, at the age of 40, that my vision has improved so much. At Moorfiels eye hospital in London I was told that slowly I would be registered blind.” (Stargardts disease)
X.I. 40 years old


“With this treatment I overcome depression. I move alone without the help of anyone.”
N.T. 56 years old


“Within 3 months, I feel much better than over the past 10 years.”
Μ.Φ. 70 years old


“I was sure I would be blind. Now I’m sure I will not be blind.”
Γ.E. 74 years old