Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute

Zeiss Artevo 800 3D

Ophthalmos now uses the first and only 3D digital microscope in Cyprus for GESY patients

The 3D digital microscope by Zeiss at Ophthalmos Institute, with the state of the art theatres meets the needs of the modern surgeon in a modern world.

The 3D digital microscope provides a stereoscopic 3D image on a 55-inch, 4K screen to be viewed using stereoscopic glasses. It offers an immersive view with pristine quality, magnification and resolution. It allows through the digital picture to carry out various surgeries, including cataract surgery, retinal surgery, corneal surgery and glaucoma surgery for most excellent visual surgical outcome.

Dr Tasso Georgiou, says ‘the Zeiss Artevo 800 3D digital microscope is like a pilot in a digital cockpit allowing real time data in the doctor’s view for utmost detail. This is the future of Ophthalmic surgery and is now here in Cyprus. We are in a position of providing the state of the art equipment that our patients in GESY deserve at Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute.’